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Well congratulations on your Engagement Lovers!


This is such an exciting time in your lives, and if you’ve found yourself here, then you must be on the hunt for an Adelaide based Celebrant - YAY!


Celebrant shopping can be daunting, but if you are looking for someone who brings the vibe, loves to laugh, can eloquently wrangle a crowd and who literally could not be more excited to be part of your wedding day.. then you’ve found your gal!


If all this is floating your boat, keep scrolling down - I can’t wait to meet you! 

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Hey there, I’m Courtney Fuller, or ‘Courts’ to those who know me.


I live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide with my fiancé Karl, and we are proud parents to our dachshunds Walter, and Graham.


My favourite places to be are at the beach with my boys, in a restaurant or bar with friends, or at my local gym.. it’s lucky I enjoy my gym because I am enthusiastic about food of almost any description (and wine) (and gin) (and whisky) 

I have worked in the Fitness and Customer Service industries for the last 10 years and I currently work part time for a profit for purpose company in Adelaide, encouraging the more mature citizens of our community to stay mobile and active! Daily I am working the gym floor, making genuine connections, and instructing large groups of people.. which are all skills that have all transferred perfectly into Celebranting! 

I’ve been obsessed with everything to do with weddings for as long as I can remember. Two years ago when I was looking at which avenue of the wedding industry would be best for me to channel my joy into, I attended a wedding where the Celebrant absolutely blew me away. I left buzzing because I knew in that moment, this was it - I needed to become a Celebrant! 

My passion for creative writing gets sparked every time I hear a couples love story, and I am stoked to have the opportunity to help guide lovers, just like yourselves, through all the legalities and get them married to their person.


I would be honoured to be your Celebrant, so if all of the above makes me sound like someone you’d like to talk to about your wedding day then get in touch and let’s grab a drink! 


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If you are loving what you’re reading here and think I could be the right fit for you and your big day, then believe me baby I want to meet you!


I am down for a beverage hot, cold or alcoholic so the next step is up to you.. hit the ‘Lets do this’ button and we’ll organise a rendezvous ! 


Fancy a Drink?!