Frequently Asked Questions

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Having been a Bride before I became a Celebrant I understand how it can feel like there’s far more to getting Married than you first realised! Good news is, I’m here for you Lovers and below are answers to some of the questions I hear most!

After getting engaged when should we book our Celebrant? 

A Celebrant can be booked out well over a year in advance, especially in peak wedding season - so if you like a Celebrant, I suggest contacting them early! You can book your Celebrant whenever you like, most will happily hold your date with a deposit. However, as the legal side of things can be done no sooner than 18 months prior to your wedding date most couples usually book about a 12 - 18 months prior to their wedding. 


Like most things in life, you get what you pay for! Many couples who’ve chosen to opt with a ‘cheap’ celebrant are often disappointed by their vocal delivery, their presentation on the day (think bad outfits or plastic A4 folders holding your vows) or their outdated ceremony options. A good Celebrant is an investment into your day!


I spend an average of 20 hours per wedding, between organising all the legal paperwork, meeting with you face to face, penning creative and unique words to ‘wow’ you and your guests, corresponding back and forth with you until we get it just right, I will be with you every step of the way, right up to calming nerves and wiping tears on the day.. it all adds up! 

How do we choose a Celebrant when some are so cheap

and others more expensive? 



Below are the legal requirements that must be conducted by a registered marriage Celebrant for a marriage to be considered legal in Australia. 


  •  Both parties must be at least 18 years of age, with the exception of Section 12 from The Marriage Act 1961.

  •  A Notice of Intended Marriage (or NOIM as we in the biz like to call it) must be lodged with your Celebrant no less than one month earlier than the marriage date and no sooner than 18 months before your ceremony, with the exception of Section 42 (5) of The Marriage Act which stipulates a ‘Shortening of Time’ that may be applied for under the right circumstances, and must be approved by a Prescribed Authority.

  •  You must sign a declaration to state that there are no legal impediments to the Marriage, e.g that you are currently married to someone else with no finalised divorce, the bride and groom being too closely related etc.

  •  You are required to have two witnesses over the age of 18 at the ceremony to sign the certificates and register with you.

  •  There are four things that MUST be said during the marriage ceremony - the Celebrant must always introduce themselves, the couple's full names must be said at least once in the ceremony, the Celebrant Monitum must be said by the Celebrant and the legal vows must be recited by both parties to the marriage! 

What are the Legal Requirements to Marry in Australia? 


To fill in your Notice of Intended Marriage form I will need to see 


  • Your original Birth Certificate, or extract of birth (copies will not be accepted)

  • Your valid Passport or Drivers Licence

  • If you have been married previously you must show me the original copy of your Divorce Decree Absolute or Death Certificate of your previous spouse. 

I highly recommend couples visit the Attorney Generals Department website

for full details and information. 

What documents do we need to get the ball rolling? 


Absolutely!! A rehearsal lets us all get more comfortable about who needs to do what and where on the day. I recommend anyone who is involved in your ceremony, even the guy pushing the button on your music to be there!


Ideally, the rehearsal will be at the venue (unless distance or weather prevents this) otherwise we will organise to replicate what will happen on the day in a convenient location, usually a week prior to your wedding. 

Is a rehearsal necessary?