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Sarah & Daniel

Marybank Farm

She didn’t need no man.. until she met her Dan!

Sarah and I have been friends since the tender age of four, and we have seen each other grow, from young girls, to young women, and in to fully fledged adults. I always knew Sarah to be very strong, fiery, independent, and somewhat sceptical of men and love. So when Daniel came on the scene and it was evident that Sarah had found someone that she really had feelings for, we as girlfriends sat back, and watched as their relationship began, with our fingers crossed that our girl had met someone worthy of her awesomeness.

Sarah and Dan's relationship certainly started off a little challenging, with Dan due to move to Queensland only a few months after their paths crossed on the street curb out side of Zhivagos, where Dan began talking to Sarah as she waited for a cab at the end of a night out, Dan even offering her a garlicky bite of his kebab, how sweet??

Our sceptical Sarah was surprised when Dan txt her the day after their garlicky encounter, asking her on a date. To which she nervously went on, worried that they wouldn’t have anything to talk about, and that surely their great conversations on the curb had been a fluke. Poor Sarah was mortified when Dan confused their waitress who mixed up their food and placed his kangaroo dish in front of her, her worst nightmare. Turns out Dan had taken the opportunity to bait her for a reaction, which he absolutely got through the clear panic on Sarah's face! They shared a good laugh, realising for the first time that being shit stirrers was something they had in common, and that they were going to get on fabulously.

In the weeks that followed, Sarah realised that she was falling in love with Dan. It wasn’t like anything she had experienced before and with him due to leave, the timing wasn’t great, and seemed like a cruel twist of fate.. of course the man she falls for is about to leave! So Sez kept her cards close to her chest and played it cool. She was however delightfully surprised when Dan called her one night when he was out at a festival, and told Sarah that he loved her! Sarah shocked herself with the ease at which she said it back, like it was the most natural thing in the world and she has cherished saying ‘I love you’ to Dan every single time since.

After nearly a year apart Sarah and Dan decided to take the plunge and move in together, which meant Sarah packing up her life and relocating to Brisbane. Moving in is a massive deal for anyone, particularly when they had mainly only communicated over the phone for the last year. But they both knew if they didn’t give this a crack, they would regret it. Living together was a big learning curve, but they learnt quickly, and definitely agreed that life together was exceedingly better than it was apart.

The next few years flew, with life bringing them adventures and of course challenges! An overseas posting created difficult times a world apart, but it also brought incredible personal growth. Dan proved himself time and time again to be the man Sarah needed, even at a distance and with limited communication. Once that chapter finally came to an end it had both Sarah and Dan feeling that if they could get through that together they could get through anything.. and on their 5 year anniversary, Dan proposed!!

On the 16th of January 2022, Sarah and Dan met on the very same curb in Currie Street that they’d first met on all those years ago. The shared a first look and proceeded to have photos in the graffiti lined lanes near Zhivagos. Then they scooted up to Marybank Farm to check out how beautifully it had been decorated and prepared for their evening, before sneaking up stairs to freshen up for their ceremony, as their guests began to arrive.

The time came for the ceremony to begin, we gathered in front of the incredible stone building and the air was filled with emotion from the very beginning. Even though they had spent hours together that day, when Sarah and her Mum Sharon arrived at the end of the aisle to meet Dan, tears were welling in all of our eyes. To be able to stand there with my friend, and the love of her life, and share their story is a moment I will never forget. There was just something so magical about seeing how much Sarah had grown and changed over the years, how Dan had lovingly stood by her side as she slowly let her walls down to believe in the good of a man, and the power of love. They laughed and cried as they shared their vows, both agreeing this is the happiest they have ever been. Then, to the cheer of their guests they were pronounced Husband and Wife before sharing the most amazing first kiss as Mr & Mrs.

The day had been perfect, what their vendors called a “unicorn day’ as it was overcast and warm all day long, before the sun broke through right at the end of the day, the sky erupting with incredible pinks as the sun set and we welcomed in a balmy star studded night. We ate and drank, soaking up the love and laughter of being surrounded by friends and family. Sarah and Dan's first dance was glorious, the cutting of the cake divine, and the speeches were some of the best I’ve heard. As the evening came to an end it was undeniable that we were all walking away with hearts full, brimming with the goodness that comes from simply being in the presence of two people so truly in love.


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