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Ben & Georga

Private Property

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it is a love for the ages

I first met Ben & Georga on a cool evening over a beverage, after being recommended to them by Lauren from Marry Me Lorri, who knew Georga but was unavailable on their wedding date. I definitely lucked out here, and couldn’t get enough of how refreshingly honest they were from the very get go of our meeting.

I listened in delight about how they first met, and the way that they initially despised each other with fervour.. definitely not the usual start to the love stories I hear! Time passed and their paths fatefully crossed again at a bar in the city. Georga figured she’d go over and poke the bear, because that’s just who she is, but to her surprise she and Ben ended up sharing a brilliant conversation, both of them leaving feeling slightly confused, and extremely intrigued by the other.

Ben was the one who suggested they meet for a date, Pho in the city. Georga arrived wearing pedal pushers with an embossed love heart on them, that Ben happily made fun of the whole time and still loves reminding her about today. The ease of their conversation and thorough enjoyment of their time spent together meant that more dates like this followed. Not long down the track, Ben confessed his love to Georga, which was completely reciprocated, both being still slightly stunned at how once the very sight of one another would be enough to piss them off, and now they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Life continued on and their lives began to intertwine, Georga eventually joining Ben in business. Even though they can squabble like any of us would, they love the fact that they get to spend their days together, elbow deep in the search for treasures and buzzing with excitement as they learn the history of intriguing pieces, or meeting fascinating people on their journeys. As time passed they grew closer and closer, learning more about each other as they faced individual challenges, becoming increasingly grateful for one another’s support.

It was clear early on that they shared common beliefs, similar goals and at the end of the day their hopes for the future were the same. They wanted to live a simple life, to not be part of the rat race, to live off and enjoy the land, and love a place they could call home. When the timing was right it was as though the stars aligned, and a block of land with an old house came up for sale, and they knew this was what they had been waiting for - one square acre of perfection. Ben and Georga threw themselves into making the house their home, treating the land with love and creating a space they truly adored. The idea that they could marry there felt organic and wonderful.

Ben and Georga knew they wanted to get married, but so many things about traditional weddings made them want to roll their eyes or vomit. They couldn’t be the least bit interested in quite frankly, a lot of the hype and bullshit that can come as soon as people hear you are engaged. Speaking of their engagement, Georga knew she didn’t want a diamond, or any rock for that matter. She didn’t care for it, and wanted something that was practical and that she could wear with ease as they navigated their days. A simplistically beautiful signet ring was chosen and ordered, and on the day it was delivered in the mail, Ben brought it home in a box of groceries. When Georga saw that the ring had arrived she suddenly became shy, and even turned around to put it on privately. When she turned back to Ben they shook hands, it was a done deal, they loved each other and they were going to get married.

When we spoke about how they felt about the wedding day there was undeniably anxiety that surrounded the whole idea, almost to the point that they were unsure if they wanted to go ahead with it at all. I completely appreciated their honesty, because this isn’t something that gets spoken about openly even though many people feel this way. It opened the conversation to ways that we could make the day uniquely theirs, and I encouraged Ben and Georga to make decisions that made them feel comfortable, and to scrap any idea that started with ‘we should do this’ especially if it was only to make someone else happy.

The fifth of November arrived and I drove out to their property, that we had rehearsed at only days before. I wasn’t sure wether to expect anxiousness or excitement, all I knew was that I was so proud of how brave and decisive both Ben and Georga had been in the lead up, and I was confident that I could support them in any way they needed. However there was no support necessary! When I arrived I found Ben just popping on his suit, taking everything in his stride, and taking the time he needed to feel ready. The guests were arriving and being expertly directed to the paddock where both the ceremony and reception spaces looked incredible.

Georga arrived shortly after, being driven first to the house, where she and Ben shared their first look over a beer in their kitchen. After seeing each other and the nerves settling slightly, they were ready to go! Ben made his way over to the paddock, to stand with me in front of the most elegantly simple frame built by Georgas’ uncle, the grass covered hills and giant gum trees behind us. Georga was then driven up to the paddock and walked down the aisle with her gorgeous cousin.

I stepped to the side, as Ben and Georga came together, each putting an arm around the other as they looked out to their nearest and dearest, and I began to share their love story. There was laughter, moments of pause, followed by more laughter and as I looked over at the two of them absolutely beaming and genuinely loving the moment, I thought my heart would explode with pride. They both rolled their eyes and said something along the lines of “If I have to” before happily agreeing, once I’d read them the Monitum. They exchanged rings with their legal vows, because it’s what felt right to them, and then they simply used each other’s backs to sign the register and legalise their marriage.

Once it was all said and done, Ben and Georga walked hand in hand, through their loved ones, and straight to the bar to celebrate! The evening that followed was incredible, and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone present, but no more than by our Bride and Groom. Thanks to sticking to their guns and only doing things that felt right to them, their wedding day became everything they could have dreamt of and more. Ben and Georga are an example to couples everywhere - you do YOU on your wedding day, throw out any traditions or ‘should does’ that don’t align with you, and celebrate your relationship in any damn way that feels amazing to you!!


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