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Kayla & Georgia

Woodburn Homestead

Two women who are getting married at Woodburn Homestead Langhorne Creek

Perfection in Gowns

When I first met Kayla and Georgia it was only 8 weeks until their wedding date, and after their original Celebrant had needed to move interstate they had found themselves Celebrantless, and in a bit of a pickle!

Luckily for me, I had gone to school with one of Kayla's good friends from University, Tori who was now one of Kayla's bridal party. Tori, who had been following along my small business journey got in contact, passed on my details and later that week, the brides to be and I met for coffee!

I was smitten with them both from the moment we started chatting, as they told me all about their incredible plans for their April wedding at Woodburn Homestead. They then shared with me their story, how Georgia had thought she’d been friendzoned when Kayla brought a friend to their first date! They told me about the challenging first chapter of their relationship, with Georgia being stationed in the country for work, and the exorbitant speeding fines Kayla had gotten when she’d drive up to surprise her love on the weekends. They shared their similarities and their differences, and we laughed at stories about Kayla's obsession with a hunting a bargain on Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace.

We spoke about Georgia's incredible proposal while they were on holiday in Fiji, the way she had cleverly altered UNO cards as a way to ask Kayla, the board game fanatic, to marry her. We laughed and I gasped at the absolute disaster they had when initially designing rings, and swooned over the final results they both had. And once our coffee cups were empty, and I felt like I’d known these two amazing women my whole life, they told me they didn’t need to take any time to think about it, they wanted to lock me in and have me marry them. I swear I squealed once I got back in my car, I could not have been more excited to be a part of this wedding!

When the day arrived, it was perfect, and I couldn’t drive to Langhorne Creek fast enough! The open air chapel of Woodburn Homestead was perfection, adorned with wooden seats and dried flower arrangements. The clear tent in the background, strewn with fairly lights and gorgeously laid tables was a glimpse at how stunning their evening was going to be. Kayla and Georgia's guests began to arrive, and they were some of the most incredibly dressed guests I’ve ever seen. There was a flowing pistachio suit set, worn by the smiliest of guests - I couldn’t take my eyes off them! The excitement was tangible as their live music began to play and I ushering the guests inside the chapel so that the Brides and their party could gather and prepare on the lawns just outside.

Once I’d run through the pre ceremony housekeeping with the guests I ducked back out to check that my Brides were ready.. and I was absolutely gobsmacked by how stunning they both looked, not to mention their incredible bridesmaids all dressed in black. Kayla and Georgia had just had their first look, and they were breathtaking. And they were also completely ready to get married! So we began the ceremony, Georgia's party coming down first, with Maggie their Golden Retriever escorting one of Georgia's sisters down the aisle. Georgia followed, coming down the aisle with both her parents. The second half of the party was next, and then finally, Kayla joined us, walking down the aisle between her mother and grandfather.

As I stood to the side and shared the love story of these two gorgeous people, I couldn’t ignore the beautiful weight of importance I felt in solemnising this marriage. Barely three short years had passed since same sex marriage was made legal in Australia, and the injustice of that still weighed on my heart. Being able to marry these incredible women, each to the love of their life, held incredible significance in my eyes and it was a privilege I did not take lightly. I stood proudly with them as they acknowledged the Monitum and then made vows to love one another forever.

Once we’d all shared laughter, and perhaps more than a few tears, rings were exchanged and then the time had come. I could not have been happier to be able to pronounce them Wife and Wife, and they kissed to the loudest cheer I’ve yet to hear, from their incredible friends and family! The afternoon rolled into the most marvellous evening, and Kayla and Georgia tell me that that night, and the whole day leading to it, was everything they could have ever wished for and more. Every wedding is special, but this one will forever have a place in my heart. Thank you Kayla and Georgia xx

Photos Elaine at Davish Photography


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